I met my best buddy almost 40 years ago in Sub A at an East London Primary School. We gelled instantly as energetic and adventurous girls. We both loved sports, playing hockey side by side to matric. When we got to high school, weekends were all about hanging out on the beach. Yip, we were the typical surfer chic’s, it was all about the tan and dating a guy with a surf board. Such a pity our teenage self-conscious years didn’t allow for us to grab a board and try surfing ourselves.

After school, we studied together and thereafter we travelled overseas in search of great adventure. We had the time of our lives, making friends from all over the globe in a time Facebook did not exist. These were great years travelling to places like Thailand, Mexico, India, Tunisia creating amazing memories embedded in our minds rather than online.

We not sure if we should blame time or our hearts, but eventually we settled down with rings on our fingers, babies to feed and bonds to pay. Luckily, we regrouped back where it all started in our hometown of East London.

Life has taken a 360 and after our adolescent years following boyfriends from beach to beach hunting for waves while the sun was blaring, and our tans were fading, here we are travelling from beach to beach hunting for waves for our kids.

Our lifestyle is centred around the ocean, so its good to have a beach buddy to keep you company watching surfing in sun, rain and wind, having someone to hang with on long perfect beach days and now over the age of 40 we even pick up a board and get ecstatic riding a knee-deep wave with no care in the world.

A ritual for both our families over the last fourteen odd years is our annual holiday to Jeffery’s Bay / Cape St Francis. The week holiday is a special time in our diaries when the boys surf until they can’t, the daughters love the surf brand factory shopping and the moms love the daily morning runs which we use to analyse, strategise and energise our lives and then lazing on the beach tanning in peace as you don’t have to hunt far for perfect waves in JBay.

I am so stocked to have a beach buddy, we are hoping to have many more of these perfect holidays, now that we have access to www.happywaves.co.za

And the truth is we hope to one day take our grand kids from beach to beach hunting for waves, as long as we have a beach buddy with to enjoy the adventure.

Long live the wave hunt!